Santa Barbara Auto Detail Packages


Please contact me for detail pricing.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Allow 1-4+ hours depending on condition.

Interior Auto Detailing

Allow 1-2.5+ hours depending on condition

Headlight Lens Cover Restoration

Allow 1-1.5 hrs

*Please contact me for detail pricing.*

Exterior Only

Hand wash, clay treatment, dress trim and rubber, plastic polish head lamps and tail lamps, etc., hand application of a paste Carnauba wax or a durable polymer sealant, complete vacuum, windows in/out, wipe down dash, console, etc.  Check cabin air filter and advise.

Allow 1.5-2.5 hours

Garage or shaded area is required for exterior detailing process.

Interior Only

Complete vacuum, thorough cleaning of entire interior; mats, carpets and seats (upholstered) cleaned using the latest method of “vapor steaming” method which not only cleans without harsh chemicals, but sanitizes as well.  Leather seats cleaned and dressed using a ph-balanced leather cleaner and preservative, all plastic surfaces dressed.  Check cabin air filter and advise.

Allow 2.0-3.0 hours

Complete Detail In and Out

Combination of both packages above

Allow 4.5-6.0 hrs

Wash Packages

Basic wash includes: Hand wash, wheels/rims scrubbed, tires dressed, windows in and out, wipe down door jambs and dash, feather dust controls, console, etc., vacuum mats and carpets. Remove trash.

Gentle, scratch-free hand washing.

Small to medium size sedans, small SUV’s and trucks………..$25

Mini-Vans, large sedans, Mid-size SUV’s and trucks……………..$30

Large vans, SUV’s and trucks…. $35

Extra large SUV’s and trucks…… $40

Trunk service by request and subject to extra charge.

All prices subject to adjustment based on inspection.

All prices subject to change without notice.

*At this time, basic wash service is only available on an as needed basis at your location only. However, please contact me early in the week that you would like service and I should be able to schedule you in.

Headlight Lens Cover Restoration

healight lens restoration

Are your headlights looking cloudy or yellowish? Are they losing power at night? If your answer is yes, then you have a serious safety issue—and one I can help you avoid.

Over time, if it gets more difficult to see when driving at night. It’s not you! Your car’s headlights are covered with a strong, clear plastic protective lens designed to withstand rock and pebble impacts and other hazards without cracking. The problem is that the coating is not scratch resistant and will oxidize—get yellowish or cloudy– when exposed to sunlight. If your vehicle is routinely parked outside, or if you wash it often, this film will start to deteriorate.

Quality Detail offers a process that can restore your lens covers to near factory condition and comes with a 1 year warranty. Since the cover itself can’t be replaced, you would need to purchase the entire headlamp assembly which can be costly for the parts and for installation fees.

Contact me today for a quote on making your car more attractive and SAFER for you and your family.